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[[[Avarice_Wiki|Avarice]] has a default mission as well as a level editor for the player to create their own campaigns. The game is currently in early access so there are features being added as the game is updated.

We needed a setting that any player could easily integrate their storyline into, since the game comes with editors.

Specifically, our setting is:

   Near future
   corporate warfare
   on a world similar to Earth.

Near Future[edit | edit source]

Allows us to throw in a mix of conventional technology we all recognize, such as cannons, with more futuristic weapons, such as lasers, without getting too far fetched.

Corporate Warfare[edit | edit source]

We needed a method for factions to be continuously at war at each other, for just about any reason. Using corporations as the most powerful organizational entity gives players a wide array of potential motives for combat.

Also, corporate warfare innately explains why money is the most valuable resource to the player, and the game's title, Avarice.

On a World Similar to Earth[edit | edit source]

To avoid some of the complications of real-life politics, and let the player build any location they can imagine, we set Avarice to take place on a planet similar to Earth.

Isn't Corporate Dominance a bit Political?[edit | edit source]

One of ZoopTEK's founding values is to create games that engage the mind. Thus there is usually some sort of deeper strategy involved to master the game.

I, Zoop, being a history minor, would also like people to think about the ethics of putting money and greed above all else. In sandbox mode you will be able to try any path you like and see what happens!

Classic Gaming Inspiration[edit | edit source]

One of my favorite childhood games, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, used a similar setting to give them a wide array of enemies, and explained why money was so dominant without any deep explanation. Watch some classic gaming goodness!

Future Campaigns[edit | edit source]

While the first campaign coming with Avarice is about a civilian rebellion, the next campaign probably will not be!

Avarice's Plot is in your Hands![edit | edit source]

There is nothing stopping you from using the built-in editors to make an epic story of your own!

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