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There are several weapon in Avarice that the player can use. Each one containing several properties of varying strengths. They can also be used situationally depending on how the player ship is built.


Basic Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

  • Bullet
  • Rocket
  • Homing Missile

Bullet Weapons[edit | edit source]

The most common type of weapons available.

They are cheap and plentiful. They usually are rapid fire, giving you some time to aim and deal some hefty damage. The projectiles move fast, which aids in aiming. Most also have some "pivot" or auto-aim.

  • Countered by shields.

Rocket Weapons[edit | edit source]

Non-homing projectiles that do great area effect damage.

Great at piercing layers of armor. Their projectiles are slower than most bullet weapons, meaning they can usually go right through shields.

Countered by flak grenades.

Homing Missile Weapons[edit | edit source]

"Fire and forget" weapons that need a target lock to fire.

Great for tackling multiple opponents at once. Bigger missiles also cause area effect damage. Homing missiles are even slower than rockets, which means they nearly always get through shields.

Countered by countermeasures.

Weapons Gallery[edit | edit source]

Enjoy a weapons gallery for additional details per weapon[imgur.com http://imgur.com/a/bTETr#0]!

There is a huge lethal arsenal to choose from, including:

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